Four alumni (2014 & 2015) have started  “Are We Europe” – an Online Thematic Magazine; by and for young Europeans. Each month, we highlight a topic that correspondents with the broader theme of European identity. February’s theme centers around Confrontation, and March will look critically at attempts to create European Unity.

In these times of crises around the world, we need positive counter-narratives to challenge the widespread negativity around something as important and abstract as Europe.
We mix together video, photography, text, audio and more in a creative blend of personal storytelling by Europe’s next generation around the continent and beyond.

At the moment, we are looking for people to join our movement and network, with their skills and enthusiasm. We are always looking for contributors, in any media-format, but also people with design, marketing, business and social media skills. The AUC Alumni network is the perfect place to recruit new talented people in our growing pan-European network. We hope to get your support (even if all you do is take a look at our website or Facebook-page). Together we can construct a positive counter-narrative for the abstract concept of European identity and unity.

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