Co-founded by an AUC alumna (2013), Thraedable is an emerging social enterprise that aims to bridge the funding gap that affects grassroots NGOs, and the information gap that exists with regards to the smaller, lesser known issues of marginalised groups.

Thraedable gives voice to the voiceless through a medium that every person can see: clothes. Our designs are inspired by the artwork created by marginalised groups during art workshops organised in collaboration with partner NGOs and profits are shared 50/50.

Thraedable is also an online magazine that wants to raise awareness about little-told or misreported social issues. We are currently looking for contributors to the magazine! Be it an article, a short video, or a photo, we want pieces that provoke thought. We publish on topics relating to human rights, international affairs, conflict, the environment, and social or cultural issues. If you have an idea, let us know!

Alternatively, read about our projects and follow us to join our community. A few events across Europe are coming up! | |