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The Amsterdam University College Alumni Board is the representative body of the AUC Alumni Association. The AUC Alumni Board is made up of five members representing alumni, current students, and Amsterdam University College. The aim of the first AUCAA Board is to oversee, shape, and start up the activities of the Alumni Association.

The Board

Tatiana Erlikh, President

Hey! My name is Tanya Erlikh and I graduated from AUC in 2014. Since my high school I am a “student forever” and still going to be for two years. I am studying at the VU university Amsterdam on the Medical Program with the specific focus on clinical research. Currently I am finalising my research internship in Cologne and in a month I will be living again in lovely Oost region and start with my coschappen (clinical internships).
As a lot of people say, I live with the motto “take all the chances your life offers you”. So, when there appeared an opportunity to become part of the AUCAA Board, I thought “why not?”. I looked back at the AUC time, missed friends from the college who are spread around the world and remembered about the unique international atmosphere. And I don’t want to be done with AUC yet. I am delighted to contribute to the development of the extensive AUC network which can offer amazing opportunities and be of great benefit for all people who are or were part of AUC by being a president of the AUCAA Board.

Andy Daab, Vice President

My name is André O. Daab, more commonly known as Andy, and I am part of the class of 2017. Initially an economics major I discovered my passion for human rights and public policy half way through my bachelor and consequently changed to international relations. My commitment to public service has also led me to the Amsterdam University College Student Association (AUCSA), where I served as treasurer and vice-president on the board. The high drive and extraordinary engagement of the excellent and diverse people involved in ensuring the on-going success of our community motivated me to get active in improving the ties between our institution and our student beyond graduation. Therefore, I am honoured to serve as Vice President of the AUCAA, hopefully providing a fruitful tie between our students and alumni.

Midas Nouwens, General Board Member

My name is Midas Nouwens (class of 2013) and I majored in Psychology and Sociology at AUC. I’m currently doing a PhD in Denmark in the field of Human-Computer Interaction. I joined AUCAA to have the opportunity to put the things I learned during my education into practice: how to develop digital tools that help our incredibly international and mobile alumni stay connected and informed about AUC. First step: if you’re in Århus and need a place to crash or someone to show you around, let me know!

Ishvar Lalbahadoersing, General Board Member

Hello everyone, my name is Ishvar Lalbahadoersing. I am still a current student at AUC, studying sciences. At the moment I am also fulfilling the position of President for the AUCSA. Therefore I will still have a student perspective within the AUCAA. I joined the  AUCAA to help building a strong platform for alumni to network and stay in touch after AUC, since I personally think this is very valuable. My position in the board will be general board member, focusing on communication and documentation. I am looking forward in giving something back to not only the current students, but also our alumni!

Our Partners

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Amsterdam University College

Amsterdam University College (AUC) was established in 2009 as a joint excellence initiative of the Univeristy of Amsterdamand VU University Amsterdam. AUC’s motto is Excellence and Diversity in a Global City. It offers an international liberal arts and sciences programme that crosses the boundaries of languages, cultures and academic disciplines. As a selective and residential honours college, it attracts students from all over the world. They engage on a daily basis in intensive and small-scale seminars with high calibre international staff.

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Amsterdam University College Student Association

The Amsterdam University College Student Association (AUCSA), founded in 2010, is the umbrella organization that covers all the social activities at AUC. It provides funding to activities and supports committees where necessary. AUCSA is made by the AUC students for the AUC students. AUCSA’s role is the role of a facilitator and coordinator of student endeavors. Together with all its members and committees, the AUCSA board strives for the development of extra-curricular student activities at AUC. The AUC student association and the AUC Alumni Association will jointly work on developing a strong link between the AUC students and alumni.

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AUC Scholarship Fund

With the support of several corporate sponsors, the AUC Scholarship Fund (ASF) has as aim is to further diversity and excellence in AUC’s student body. Applications for an AUC Scholarship are open to all students (Dutch and international). The AUC Scholarship Fund enables students, selected on both their merit and economic need, to pursue a Bachelor’s degree at Amsterdam University College.The AUC Scholarship Fund is limited and highly selective, and only candidates who have excellent school results and a strong motivation as reflected in their application and recommendation forms are eligible. The AUC Alumni Association aims to set up activities to support the AUC Scholarship Fund.

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