Dear members of the AUCAA,

In order to respond to growing challenges and opportunities for the coming 2 years, the AUCAA board has two positions opening up for:

General Board Member of the Amsterdam University College Student Association (AUCAA)
2-year tenure

Each member of the AUCAA is a crucial part of the association. General members have the liberty to take on floating tasks and advance the associations in different dimensions that furthers its aims and ideals. With strong creative liberties, they are the spirit of the community and are often more hands-on when it comes to the implementation of the association’s policies. As with any position on the board it is expected that the general members serve the community to the best of their abilities and allow for a positive team dynamic. Motivation and passion are driving factors in the two-year tenure of the general board members. As a general board member you may stand for one of the following offices, elected by the board from amongst the board: President, Secretary or Digital Communications manager of the AUCAA.

What is expected:

  • A completed degree from Amsterdam University College
  • Dedication to public service and the AUC community
  • Experience in voluntary work
  • Creative skills
  • 2-4 hrs per week
  • The ability to meet and coordinate with an Amsterdam-based team (not necessarily be based in Amsterdam)

What does it offer:

  • Insight into AUC and NGO work
  • Independent project skills
  • Team building skills
  • Networking through public relations
  • Access to a 1,200-member strong alumni network

If you want to apply please submit your motivation letter specifying your position of interest (President, Secretary, Digital Communications manager, General Board member) (max 2 A4 pages, 12 Cambria) and CV to by midnight on Monday, 12 March 2018.