Despite knowing what she wanted to study during her master’s degree, Liza Coyer, Class of 2014, wanted to gain more field experience before enrolling in quite a theory-based program. She explains: “My master’s will probably only take 1 year, so I felt like this year would be perfect to explore what the field of health has to offer and take some time off before working a full time job or committing to a PhD.” Moreover, she now finally has the time to do a good deal of backpacking in Asia and visit her friends all over Europe. Currently, Liza is combining several jobs, which in practice results in a lot of biking every day, as they are all located in different parts of Amsterdam. One of the jobs is working at the VU, as a university research fellow of Prof. Dr. Jaap Seidell, for whom she is doing activities related to the newly established Sarphati institute, “a joint initiative to promote a healthy lifestyle among the Amsterdam youth”. Liza is also collecting data for a health study, HELIUS, for the AMC at the Slotervaart hospital, and, last but not least, she works at AUC’s international office, “yes, I really couldn’t get away”. Luckily, she likes all of the jobs because they are very different, and she gets to witness things like policy making first hand, but can also get in contact with a lot of different people, so there is always something to do. However, Liza is also looking forward to traveling and getting back to studying after this year.